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Article: A line of leather goods that has been long awaited

A line of leather goods that has been long awaited

A few years before Todder was established my father brought home an industrial sewing machine for leather. He set it up down in the basement and that was that. I had always been afraid of it and never used it for anything other than putting a border on belts and dog leashes. I had always thought that it was simply out of my league and that I should stick to what I know, for instance hand stitching. So as a few years passed by 2015 we established out brand Todder. After being in business for the past few months we have decided that we are ready to starting venturing out and design some new lines for our Todder brand. What kept coming to mind was that sewing machine sitting back home in our basement. It seemed silly that we were not using it for a single one of our products. So we finally decided enough is enough, its time to master this ****** ******. About 80+ sq. ft. 3-4oz sides of natural veg tanned leather later, we realized what we are now capable of here at our workshop. This machine really is going to take Todder to the next level and we are beyond stoked.

We are sorry for the cliff hanger but were just to excited not to say anything. We still have plenty of tweaking to do but can say that this new line should be introduced within the next 1-2 weeks. So we ask, stay tuned, and thanks for reading. Many many goods things to come here at Todder. 

P.S - heres a little sneak peak.

Todder Hand Crafted Leather Wallet

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