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Article: New England Snow Storm

New England Snow Storm

Hey everyone, this post is not too share any new visuals, it is just say that some absolutely beautiful ones are on the way! Just a little bit more editing and they will be ready. This past Saturday we were able to get out in some New England Woodlands and shoot some stunning footage. All this footage was filmed right after mother nature dropped about 8-12 inches of snow. For those of you that a forgetful please feel free to sign up for our email blasts. You can do this right at the bottom of our home page. This will allow you to see all of our footage of and around the New England area as well as photos of our workshop and products!

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Todder at Newburyport Farmers Market

Wicked busy week for us here at Todder as of this morning. Not only will you be able to come check us out at the SOWA South Boston's First Friday event, but now we will be a vendor at the NBPT Farm...

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A line of leather goods that has been long awaited

A few years before Todder was established my father brought home an industrial sewing machine for leather. He set it up down in the basement and that was that. I had always been afraid of it and n...

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