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Snow Covered New England

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Its looking like this winter is almost near its end. Sadly there was only about one snow day for the schools which was not enough to keep me out of my New England Leather Work Shop. But thats ok, we don't got no time for a snow storm here at Todder Leather Goods. On one of the last good snows I did check out of the shop a little early as an excuse to snag some photos for the blog and socials! The following photos you are going to be taking a look at are all quite close to route 1 in Newbury and Rowley, MA. The roads were horrible the day I took all of these. My usual 20 minute commute home was turned into an hour but was fine by me! Also, stay tuned for the introduction of our new lines of goods! We are going to be releasing some very cool Leather Wallets and tech accessories, which YUP, are handcrafted right here in New England. But for the time being, enjoy some beautiful photos of some North of Boston landscape.

New England Snowy River

A salt water river that travels right by the MBTA Commuter Rail.

New England Snowy Marsh Land

Low visibility in the Marsh Lands.

Snowy North Shore Back Roads

Fresh tracks on some Rowley back roads.

Snow Boston MBTA

A great fishing spot!

New England Snow Capped Landscape

My favorite of all the photos! Starting to think about summer looking at this pic.

Post Snow Boston Sunset

Ended the day in Boston with this crazy sunset!

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