Leather Tote Bag: Structured Leather vs Unstructured Leather

Structured Leather Tote vs Unstructured Leather Tote
What's the difference?
When choosing which leather Utility Tote is your perfect match, one distinction you'll want to make is if you prefer a structured or unstructured bag. It really comes down to personal preference.
One is not “better” than the other, but knowing the characteristics of each can help determine which bag better fits your preferences and style. 
To put it simply, the leather used for our structured Utility Tote is stiffer and seems thicker,  which causes the bag to hold its shape and stay upright even when there is nothing inside. 
On the contrary, the leather used for our unstructured tote is softer and more flexible, and gets its vertical structure from what is inside, or from being held by its handles. 
Along with the structural variance between the leathers, there is also a noticeable difference in the look of the leather itself. 
The majority of our structured tote bags are made with USA Horween Leather which has noticeable color dimension. This characteristic is traditionally referred to as “pull-up” because as the leather bends, the oils within the leather “pulls-up”, leading to the variation in color.
Some people prefer leather with pull-up because of how it behaves over time. Gradually and with use, the pull-up nature of Horween’s Natural CXL and English Tan can help conceal scratches, become softer over time, and develop a subtle sheen.
Like the sound of a bag with pull-up? Check out our Natural Pull Up Structured Utility Tote and English Tan Structured Utility Tote.
For a structured bag without pull-up/color variation, check out our Black Structured Utility Tote.
Another structured tote we offer is made with Natural Vachetta from USA Wickett and Craig. Although this bag lacks pull-up, it does not lack personality. Like our totes made with Horween, this Vachetta tote will change in appearance over time, but in a different way. The entire facade of this bag will slowly patina over time, and no two Vachetta totes will age the same. See our Vachetta Utility Tote.
The leather used for our unstructured Utility Tote is imported from Germany, and comes from Richard Hoffman tannery. For what it lacks in color dimension, it makes up for in scratch resistance.
The color of this leather is consistent throughout, and won't change over time.
This bag is perfect for someone who likes the monochrome look,
and wants to rely on their bag looking relatively the same over the years.
To see our unstructured Utility Totes, check out our
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