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You Gotta Love New England

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Everyone living in the New England is no stranger to this poor weather we get dealt. This weekend was not to bad just rain, wind, and for us coastal people, some high tide flooding. Luckily this bad weather does not put any of us New Englanders in poor spirits. At the annual Newbury Bonfire it was the biggest showing we'd even seen even though the clouds were pissing and we were up to our knees in mud. The strong liquor from the boys at Turkey Shore Distilleries and Ipswich Ale Brewery really helped in keeping everyone happy. Sucked down quite a few Ruby Red IPA's! Regardless of the bad weather, this can always lead to some very beautiful photos! Today I was able to make it out to Sandy Point to see how the coast was doing during the big winds and rain today. This is always one of my favorite things to do after spending some time in the Leather workshop. But as usual the coast held its own. Here are a few pics to for all your New Englanders.

Board Walk at Sandy Point. Newbury, MA.

Stormy Beach at Sandy Point

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