Our Hand Made Leather Dog Collars

If you live in New England chances are you have a dog. This lead us to create a durable leather dog collar to go up against our relentless New England weather. As we began designing our leather dog collars we knew that minimalism was essential. By taking out all unnecessary functions that you may find in most dog collars we knew that this would increase the longevity of a collar. By taking these out we create a perfect leather dog collar that will be able to endure all environments that you and your dog come in contact with. Our collars are also very stylish, we can guarantee that your dog will love the way he or she looks! On our collars we use 8-10 oz Herman Oak vegtable tanned leather which comes from St. Louise. As for the hardware we use sand casted low lead solid brass that is lacquer coated, our rivets are solid brass too! Other than a little italian edge paint thats pretty much it for materials... see what we mean. Also take a look at our leashes, all the same methods and quality materials are used on them too!
Making Leather Dog Collars