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Key Chains

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All of our key chains here at Todder are designed to make your life easier. At the same time our key chains are designed simply with less moving parts to increase its lifetime. The first key chain we want to talk about is the Fish Hook. This low lead solid piece of brass is awesome. Attach it to your keys via a key ring and your in business. From there on out you can slip your keys on and off of your belt for storage with ease. Also, if you do decide to stuff that huge bunch of keys into your pocket the fish hook is wicked slim and you wont notice the difference. The second option is the Key Holster key chain. After seeing loads of city dwellers use metal trigger snaps to hang their keys from their belt loop we knew it could be a cool addition to the Todder product line. With the key holster there are a few ways you can use it. First, you can wear it on your belt all day and snap your keys on and off with ease (like the fish hook, this option allows you to carry your keys outside of your pocket). The second way is by using it as a standard key to add a little style to your everyday carry. The key holster is handmade or bespoke right here in our very own workshop in Topsfield, MA. Its hand made in New England! Also, help us out, like us on instagram @todderusa and facebook @todder. If you wanna learn more about what we do give us a call at 978-986-4548. Thanks!

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