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Choosing The Right Dog Collar

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Here at Todder we put a lot of time into designing our leather dog collar lines. This is because we know that dogs are tough guys which means they need a collar that is as tough as they are. Our collars are designed around durability and simplicity. What we mean by simplicity is that we have gotten rid of all meaningless functions that you may see on a collar. By getting rid of those functions, it allows us to focus our time and resources on the parts of the collar that will make it last. Like all goods we produced, Todder dog collars are made of US Veg Tanned English Bridle Leather and solid brass buckles, solid brass d-rings, and solid brass rivets. Being from New England we can ensure that where ever you and your canines adventure takes place, our collars will perform. Browse through our selection, with our assortment of styles, sizes, and colors there is a perfect collar for every breed!

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