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Hand Stitching Our Leather Belts

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As we designed and created our high end belt line we tried to stay clear of using commodities. We looked for a technique that was unique and that gave each one of our belts its own individual character. We wanted a process that actually allowed each one of our belts to be a product of our workshop. A process that did not involve a machine, just our artisans hands. There was no other option than hand stitching. A process that calls for extreme attention to detail, and makes it so our belts are not just another unit coming through the assembly line. Hand Stitching our belts also allowed us to be more involved in our New England community. When searching for thread we needed it to be high quality and rugged, and since we love to buy local, Maine Thread Co. thread was a must. Take a look through our collection and let a Todder belt become your everyday wear.
Hand Stitching Maine Thread Co

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