With you through it all.

We see our leather goods as tools - not accessories. Our products are designed to serve a purpose and be used, not babied. 
Guaranteed for all of life's bleeps and blunders. 
The Workshop. The Vision. The Team. 
Step into our workshop and you'll see how our commitment to quality encompasses every step of our making process. Starting with intentional designs, sourcing of the highest quality raw materials from ethical sources, hand making every item in our MA workshop, photographing and blogging...we do it all. We believe in our products because we have put our hearts (and tears) into each detail and every stitch. 
We dreamed, discussed, changed, tested, changed again, and tested again, every intimate detail of our products. We are proud and excited to share our passion with others who appreciate true craftsmanship and the motivation it takes to refuse “good enough” and keep working until it's right. 
All Under One Roof
With the tools, knowledge, and ability to make everything in house, we are excited to offer our goods directly to our customers.  Under the traditional business to business to consumer model,  our Utility totes would sell close to $400 in a retail location. By cutting out the “middleman” our goods are sold at honest and approachable prices. 
By selling our bags directly to consumers, we are able to determine the most important place for our production costs. Instead of cutting corners, outsourcing labor, or settling for inferior materials in order to reach our target market, we focus our efforts toward making life long products with the best materials and craftsmanship. All in house. All by hand. Guaranteed for Life.  Period. 
It takes a community. 
We are so grateful to the many pieces of the puzzle that have come together for this dream to become a reality. Without the support of our families, local coffee shops for endless caffeine, small town craft shows and business that took a chance on us before we had enough sales to prove our reliability; none of this would have been possible without you. 
Join us!
 We strive to create a space for education, discussion, and friendship. We want to hear from you! Is there a leather or product topic you would like to hear more about in our blogs? Or a product you have been dreaming of but cant find? We're here! Reach us anytime with questions and comments. info@todderusa.com