Private Label / Manufacturing

As Todder has grown in quality, craftsmanship and production capacity, business start-ups and individuals from different industries have come to us to bring their products to life through our manufacturing services. We can help you turn an idea into a complete tangible product, or simply help with an individual step such as cutting or sewing.

Considering private labeling? Trust us--we’ve worked daily for the past three years to perfect our products. Private labeling with Todder means choosing one of our quality products and having us stamp your company's logo onto the product instead of our own, saving you the time and work of designing, sampling, product testing, and locating trusted manufacturers.  Private labeling with Todder offers businesses high-quality products and marketing material without the manual labor, while supporting local makers and being able to boast to their clients that their goods are all handmade in the USA.

Interested in private labeling services, or want to learn more about our manufacturing services? Shoot an email to and we will send you our line sheet, as well as the information on how to place an order.
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