Materials list:

This kit comes with just about everything you need to make your own Crossbody/ Mini Tote Bag! The only additional tools required are water  and a lighter.

  • 13 pcs  -  Pre-cut & pre-punched 4.5-5oz leather pieces (you choose the leather)
  • 700 inches  -  0.8mm Ritza 25 Tiger Thread (you choose the color)
  • 2 pcs  -  Harness Sewing Needles for saddle stitching
  • Pre-set Snap for bag closure 
  • 2 pcs  -  Buckleguy Swivel Snap - 3008A ½”
  • 2 pcs  -  Buckleguy D-Ring - DR008 ½”
  • 2 pcs  -  Buckleguy Buckle - 1210 ¾” 
  • 1 pc  -  Beeswax for burnishing
  • 1 pc  -  Sandpaper for edges
  • 1 pc  -  Beachwood edge burnisher (optional)
  • 1 pc  -  Thread nippers (optional)
  • Instructions - Step-by-step & How-to

Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate.  

Skills Learned & Used:

  • Hand Stitching
  • Edge Burnishing
  • Assembling a gusset
  • Overlap Seam 
  • Turning a bag inside out 

Finished Dimensions: 9.5 inch  x 1.5 inch x 7.5 inch (LxWxH)

Handles Length: 3.5 inch

Strap Length: 21.5 inch

Instructions: Included in EVERY kit is a fully detailed, step-by-step instruction sheet. We also show you how to perfect your craft from hand-stitching techniques to achieving the perfect burnish! And if you have more questions, just give us a call!

*This kit includes small items that can be a choking hazard*

About the Materials:

What sets our kits apart are the materials that go into them. The materials that you are using go into some of the highest end products in the world as they are known for quality, durability, and beauty.