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"Todder" is an old english term for a fox hunter. Todders are often depicted in
paintings on horseback and in their red coats. Our connection to the Todder
lies in our work. We use tried and true leather working techniques that come
from equine saddle-making.
In many ways, the Todder of old embodies a present day customer of ours --
someone that relies on dependable leather goods to accomplish their daily duties.
Be it running errands, playing with your kids, going for a hike, a day of physical
 work, or a day of non-physical work, lifelong leather goods from Todder will always
have your back.


Our workshop is nestled in the old New England fishing town of Newburyport,
Massachusetts. All too familiar with the extreme elements coastal towns in New England
are exposed to, we at Todder understand the value and necessity of durable, high quality
products. For us, it all starts with selecting the highest quality materials. Beginning with
our carefully sourced, 100% USA vegetable tanned leather, our work is infused with
our passion for quality throughout every step in our process.
 Leather Workshop
We appreciate your interest in Todder!
If you have any questions regarding our workshop, the materials we use, or our process,
please feel free to give us a call at 978-986-4548 or shoot us an email at