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Why Made in New England Matters

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We often note that our products are Inspired by New England. This seemingly simple phrase conveys much more than might be expected. New England, known for its hard-working communities, rich history, and rugged landscapes, is built into Todder products in a variety of ways.

We work hard so you can work hard.

If you're using something that wears, tears, or breaks, why use it at all? We make durable products for the durable people of New England's hard-working communities.

Shared histories combine to make something great.

Like New England, our own history goes way back. In fact, our experience in the leather industry spans five generations. In that time, and through some trial and error, we found out how to source the most consistent, highest quality materials, which we still use today. New England's past has informed and improved its future in many ways, and we believe the same holds true for us at Todder.

Leather goods made by outdoorsmen, for outdoorsmen.

Fortunate to enjoy all that New England's natural world has to offer, we at Todder understand and identify with the local outdoorsman. That's why we rigorously test our products by simply doing what we love to do in the great outdoors. All of our products are New England-tested, New England-approved.


Why are we talking about this? 

Todder will be at the New England Made Trade Show in Portland, ME this Saturday, March 18th through Monday, March 20th! We look forward to seeing our fellow New England makers there!

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