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Article: New England Made Show, Portland ME

New England Made Show, Portland ME

The Todder Team is proud to say that we will be showing at our first wholesale show this month! The Show is called New England Made Show and takes place from March 19-21st in Portland, Maine. Since our brand launch about two months ago it has been leading up to this one very large step. Participating in a wholesale event like New England Made Show can bring about numerous opportunities to a small company like Todder Leather Goods. One which hope to accomplish is of course gain new wholesale accounts. Why we want this though may be different from other companies. Our reason is that we want to grow our team. Its simple, the more orders we get, the more staff/artisans we need to produce those goods. Not only will this allow for us to grow our company and brand, but it will allow us to hire a member of our community to grow the brand and fuel the economy! At the New England Made Show we also hope to meet many of the other New England Makers that are participating in the show. We never really know how we can help other makers or how they can help us until we get in front of one another. Hopefully it will turn into a little think tank! 

What to expect from Todder

While creating our brand we did so knowing that things may change in our first few months of operating. We knew that by visiting stores with our products and hearing back from customers that we may get some quality feedback. One of these ideas was changing the hand stitch on our handmade leather belts. We also kept getting asked for wallets where ever we would go. So with feedback such as these to examples our brand we began changing things behind the scenes and adding new lines of leather goods and also reducing the size of some. By getting quality feedback from various sources it allowed us to create lines around what consumers will view as a quality and practical everyday carry that they will desire. 

Our new line that we are most excited for buyers to see is our Made in New England Leather Wallets. Although a few are currently visible on our website, they are not finalized and we will be offering many more colors and variations. 

A little bit about our wallets. For our natural leather wallets we import leather from France which is recognized as some of the finest leather. Once we laid our eyes and hands on this leather we really had no other option than to use it. This natural leather will gain a beautiful patina like no other leather we have found. For all of our other colors we will be using leather from Wicked and Craig, one of the largest and renown U.S Tanneries. We will be using this leather to make our wallets, card wallets, iPhone cases, and iPad/Laptop cases. We will be using this leather in Brown, Chestnut, and Black. Our wallets are beautiful and created using extensive methods that allow for a long lifespan of our goods. Something that is expected from U.S or better yet New England made products. Just to recap, all of our leather wallets we be offered in Natural, Brown, Chestnut, and Black.

Another new line which we will be introducing and showcasing at the New England Made Show will be a small line of ladies belts. These have been a very long time coming, they are essential to our brand and any ladies boutiques. Hand made and hand stitched belts are really something that cannot be found, especially ones that are made in the U.S.A. We will not get to much into detail about these but if you are a women's boutique owner be sure to swing by and take a peek. We assure you they will be a perfect addition to your store. 

There is one thing that we do not want people overlooking as they view Todder Leather Goods. This is that they are made by a craftsmen right here in New England. Every good that we sell spends time getting crafted and produced by our teams very own hands. This detail is something that is hard to come across these days. 

Thanks for reading and we hope you are as excited as we are to come and view all of our existing and new lines of hand made leather goods! 

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