USA Made Leather Dog Leash with Solid Brass.
$ 60.00

5' by 3/4" Dog Leash in Havana

Our dog leash comes in the standard 5 foot length. At first glance it is simple, but there is much more too it. Located in-front of the handle we have placed a solid brass d-ring for a variety of different uses. This d-ring allows you to hang doggy bags which are a must for every walk. It also allows you to clip on the trigger snap to shorten the leash in half to make carrying and storage a whole lot easier. 

  • U.S Tanned English Bridle Leather
  • Solid Brass
  • Conway Buckle, D-Ring, Trigger Snap
  • Attach Doggy Bags to D-Ring
  • Attach Snap to D-Ring for easy travel